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Product overview

Wherever the regulation and control of gas, liquid or solid inflow is required, our actuators guarantee safety – even under difficult climatic conditions. Since we are close to our customers and partners in all industries, we can offer you the right solution for your application at all times.

Agromatic Regelungstechnik has a large spectrum of electric actuators to offer thanks to permanent orientation towards the market and innovation. Our range also includes motor-driven fittings and a large number of accessory parts and options. All our actuators are also available as smart versions.

Rotary and part-turn actuators

Torque Type / link to the description
≤ 500 Nm N8
≤ 180 Nm N5 - N6
≤ 120 Nm NL
60 Nm NV5, NV6
≤ 60 Nm N1 - N4A
25 Nm nT 25
≤ 15 Nm NK

IECEx / ATEX actuators Zone 1

Torque Type / link to the description
≤ 60 Nm NEx 1 - NEx 4 A
110 Nm, 180 Nm NEx 5 - NEx 6
180 - 310 Nm NEx 8

Linear actuators

Actuating power Type / link to the description
≤ 5.000 N K (open spindle)
≤ 5.000 N KA (encapsulated spindle)
≤ 5.000 N V (valve actuator)

Pneumatic actuators

Torque Type / link to the description
≤ 10.000 Nm DR/SC

Electric rotary and part-turn actuators of the product groups nT 25, NK, NL, N1 to N8, NEx, NV* as well as linear actuators of the product groups K, KA, V * are manufactured by Agromatic in Oerlinghausen. We will be happy to provide advice for selecting the right type or work with you to develop a customized version that perfectly matches the demands of your plant technology. On request, we also deliver actuators complete with fitted valve as well as explosion-protected actuators.

Our experience for your company – we are the right partner for you.

* former type designations: nanoTURN, WAN, WAK, WAK-A or WAV