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NEx-KA Linear actuator

NEx KA series linear actuators are used to precisely adjust dampers in all air-conditioning, ventilation and heating systems as well as in furnace installations, process plant engineering and other fields of industry. They are available with actuating forces of 600 N, 1200 N, 1800 N, 2500 N, 3000 N, 3500 N and 5000 N. The stroke units are designed for stroke lengths of 150 ... 1100 mm.

The NEx-KA linear actuator for Ex zone applications is a further development of the flameproof housing of the NEx rotary and part-turn actuator with Ex Zone 1 marking CE2004 EX II 2G Ex d IIC T6 Gb, based on IECEx certification IECEx EPS 15.0061X and ATEX certification EPS 15 ATEX 1 044 X and the linear unit of the KA actuator.

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[Translate to English:] NEx-KA Linearantrieb
[Translate to English:] NEx-KA Linearantrieb


  • Housing and hood are made of corrosion-resistant gravity die-cast aluminium
  • Coating with silicone-free paint
  • Colour RAL 7032 Pebble Grey
  • The motor compartment is designed as a type “d” flameproof enclosure to DIN EN 60079-1
  • Degree of protection IP66/67
  • Options:
    • Custom colours

Synchronous motor

  • Single-phase AC synchronous motor with permanent magnets, reversible
  • 230 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz ± 5 %
  • ON time 100% duty cycle on request
  • Short start/stop times
  • Insulation class B to VDE 0530
  • Synchronous motors maintain speed and positioning time irrespective of the load
  • Options:
    • Custom voltages
    • Custom frequencies

BLDC motor

  • Brushless DC motor
  • Constant positioning time thanks to electronic speed controller
  • Wide-range voltage input 90 V AC … 264 V AC, 120 V DC … 370 V DC
  • High holding torque when the operating voltage is applied
  • Manufacturer configured start-up and brake ramp
  • ON time 100% duty cycle
  • Insulation class E to VDE 0530

GDC motor

  • DC commutator motor
  • Voltage 12 V DC or 24 V DC
  • Insulation class E to VDE 0530


  • Spur gearing with straight-toothed steel gears
  • Rugged, maintenance-free
  • Permanently lubricated gears
  • Self-lubricating sintered bronze bearings
  • Encapsulated version, operates in any position

Stroke unit

  • Fixing bracket made of die-cast aluminium
  • Spindle made of stainless steel
  • Spindle self-locking
  • Needle bearings to absorb axial forces
  • Steel and bronze materials for good anti-seizure properties


  • Self-locking
  • “Open/closed” markings indicate position/li>
  • Made of stainless steel

Electrical connection

  • Connection by means of 1 m cable end or Ex “e” rated terminal box with spring-loaded terminals
  • Customer-side wiring outside of the flameproof housing
  • Electric anti-condensate heater
  • Manual reset temperature switch 80 °C


  • Open/close signal
  • Options:
    • Additional potential-free contacts
    • Electronic position controller ESR-N with Profibus and USB interface for synchronous motors
    • Potentiometer 200Ω … 10 kΩ
    • Blocking protection by monitoring changes to the actual value of the potentiometer (only in conjunction with position controller ESR-N)

Ambient temperature

  • -20 °C to +60 °C

Angle of rotation limited by snap-action position off switch

  • Changeover switches with silver-plated contacts
  • Switch connections routed to terminals
  • Switching capacity: max. 6 A, 250 V AC
  • Options:
    • Switches with gold-plated contacts
    • Switches with positive-break contacts

Position sensor for external position indication (optional)

  • With potentiometer
    • Conductive plastic potentiometer (standard) or wire-wound potentiometer (including TÜV approval)
    • Multiturn potentiometer up to 10 turns
    • Gearing makes it easier to adapt the electrical angle of rotation of the potentiometer to the desired angle of rotation of the actuator
    • Special potentiometers with TÜV-approved form-fit attachment solution are available for electronic fuel/air ratio control
  • With 4 ... 20mA transmitter
    • Gearing makes it easier to adapt the electrical angle of rotation of the transmitter to the desired angle of rotation of the actuator
  • With Hall sensor
    • The wear-free absolute encoder that makes use of the Hall effect is particularly suitable for continuous operation in potentially explosive atmospheres

Manual operation (optional)

  • The position of the input shaft and valves can be moved manually using a handwheel
  • Disengaging the gear train and motor reduces the amount of force required
  • Position switch-off settings are retained during manual operation
  • The handwheel remains motionless during electrically powered operation


  • Other voltage/frequency
  • Handwheel
  • Additional auxiliary position switches
  • Custom control cams
  • Electronic position controller ESR-N (in conjunction with synchronous motor)
  • Position sensor
  • Relay for switching several actuators in parallel
  • Potentiometer
  • Components to UL standard
  • Spindle protected by bellows
  • Set collars serve as external travel stops


  • Easily mounted thanks to stable cast angle bracket and steel angle section attached to housing
  • Connecting pin supplied to connect spindle with valve
  • No-fuss coupling to valve stem by means of:
    • Lever arm, clamping lever, ball-and-socket joint, connecting rods, sprung connecting rods

Safety instructions

  • In a potentially explosive area, ensure the device is isolated from the power supply before the hood of the flameproof encapsulated housing is opened by a specialist. The waiting time specified on the rating plate must always be observed!


Switches for series

Switches for series

  • Contact material: Silver
  • Max. switching capacity: 6 A, 250 V AC
  • Positive-break switches (optional)
  • Gold contacts for switching smallest loads (optional)


  • All switch contacts routed to terminals
  • Switching angles infinitely adjustable by means of cams
  • Retrofit switch sets available
  • Changeover contact (SPDT)

For actuators: N, NV, NE, K, KA, V




  • Adjustable cam that can be adjusted from above, consisting of brass body and plastic cam ring
  • Different cam shapes available

For actuators: N, K, KA, V, NV, NEx

Download Datasheet




  • Adjustable cam that can be adjusted from the side, consisting of plastic body and plastic cam ring
  • Grub screw ensures cam is reliably secured to the shaft
  • Different cam shapes available

For actuators: N, K, KA, V, NV, NEx

Download Datasheet


Brass cam

Brass cam

All actuators

  • High quality control cam made of brass
  • Three grub screws ensure the cam is very reliably secured to the shaft
  • Different cam shapes available

Download Datasheet