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What drives us? “Made in Germany” quality

Agromatic is an established contact for rotary, part-turn and linear actuators in various fields of industry. We have been committed to providing the utmost quality for decades. From development to production and custom solutions, we ensure quality control throughout every step of the process in our company. What we offer:

  • Maximum product variety in the area of standard components
  • Custom explosion-proof actuators and custom actuators
  • Personal contact and very short delivery times
  • Customized development of actuators
  • All-round service
  • “Made in Germany” quality-assured production

Reliable actuators, reliable service

Our actuators are constructed in an especially compact way that saves space. Thanks to the premium-quality materials we use, our actuators are very long-lasting and require very little maintenance. We also work closely with you to optimize interfaces between our actuators and your systems. Of course, we also work with you after the initial setup, knowing that requirements can change.

“Made in Germany” throughout the fully integrated production process

The construction of our rotary, part-turn and linear actuators is DIN-compliant and computer-/CAD-based. The latest CAM/CNC technology and the use of premium materials ensure the consistently high quality of our production. In our plant’s own test laboratory, all products undergo continuous testing for mechanical capacity and resilience to climatic influences.

A powerful force in logistics

Downtime is something production companies aim to avoid. We operate an extraordinarily large storage facility for components and production materials, enabling us to complete your order within a very short delivery time, when required.