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Company history

1972 Artur Gronowski, an engineer from Bielefeld, Germany, founds our company under the name “Ing. A. Gronowski” to produce electric actuators and their accessories.

1973 Ing. A. Gronowski grants the company Siegfried Welke exclusive rights to distribute the actuators and accessories. The actuators are marketed under the designation “ATIS”. The company Siegfried Welke is later renamed Aris Antriebe und Steuerungen GmbH, and the actuators are henceforth marketed under the brand name “Aris”. In 1974, the exclusive rights to distribute the actuators are extended to include distribution rights worldwide.

1985 Ing. A. Gronowski is renamed and has traded since then under the name Agromatic Regelungstechnik GmbH.

1986 Agromatic Regelungstechnik moves into new premises in Oerlinghausen, near Bielefeld, located at the edge of the Teutoburg Forest.

2002 The company’s founder, Artur Gronowski, dies. His son Peter Gronowski, who is still a co-shareholder of the company today, establishes the Artur Gronowski charitable foundation based in Oerlinghausen. The purpose of the foundation is to promote healthcare as well as training and education in this field.

2006 The production, storage and workshop areas are increased considerably to 1,500 square meters, and include their own loading and unloading areas. The machinery is modernized with the addition of CNC lathe and milling machines; the company’s management and administration personnel move into a new building. A climate cabinet used for carrying out temperature and air humidity tests, an extremely precise 3D measuring machine and test laboratories are added to the facility’s technical equipment.

2014 Agromatic Regelungstechnik GmbH begins selling electric actuators and accessories under its own brand name to its own customers; up to this point, these had been sold by the previous trading partner Aris. Since that time, Agromatic products have continued their worldwide success under the name of the original designer and manufacturer.