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Customer-focused and highly innovative: Agromatic understands what you need

Because we know what matters to you

Our particular strength lies in the development, production and custom adaptation of rotary, part-turn and linear actuators for your system and individual requirements. We support the optimization of our actuators’ interfaces to your system and are always available to ensure that they are adapted to changing demands.

All Agromatic actuators are constructed in an especially compact way that saves space. Thanks to the premium-quality materials we use, our actuators prove very long-lasting in your company and require very little maintenance.

An Agromatic actuator is always a reliable component in your system.

[Translate to English:] Produktion von Drehantrieben, Hubantrieben und Linearantrieben

A solid foundation for our manufacturing process

Our rotary, part-turn and linear actuators are constructed in conformance with applicable standards and are computer- and CAD-based. The latest CAM/CNC technology and the use of premium materials ensure the consistently high quality of our products.

In our plant’s own test laboratory, all products undergo continuous testing for mechanical capacity and resilience to climatic influences.

Our extraordinarily large storage facility for components and production materials enables our highly motivated and flexible employees to complete your order within a very short delivery time, when required.

Whether standard components or custom explosion-proof actuators, Agromatic has what you are looking for.