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NL Part-turn actuator

The NL series is a favourably priced solution for applications in process plant engineering. The wide range of torques from 1 Nm through to 120 Nm ensures the NL series of actuators is a reliable solution for a multitude of applications.

The design of the housing made of die-cast aluminium and zinc in combination with permanently lubricated gearing with sintered-bronze bearing bushes ensures their suitability for use in a harsh operating environment.

Use of an (optional) electronic position controller ESR-NL can make it easier to integrate the rotary and part-turn actuator into the controls of complex systems.

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[Translate to English:] NL Schwenkantrieb


  • Single-phase AC synchronous motor with permanent magnets, reversible 30 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz ± 5%
  • 100% duty cycle as standard
  • Short start/stop times
  • Insulation class B to VDE 0530
  • Synchronous motors maintain speed and positioning time irrespective of the load
  • Options:
    • Custom voltages
    • Custom frequencies


  • Spur gearing with straight-toothed steel gears integrated in housing
  • Rugged, maintenance-free
  • Permanently lubricated gears
  • Self-lubricating sintered bronze bearings
  • Encapsulated version, operates in any position
  • Internal release mechanism mechanically disengages coupling between motor and gearbox

Output shaft

  • 1 Nm - 40 Nm
  • Output shaft with square socket WAF 14 mm (F05 DIN ISO 5211)
  • Options:
    • Diameter 12 mm, with 5 mm diameter cross-hole
    • Diameter 12 mm with feather key
    • Other output shafts on request
  • 40 Nm - 120 Nm
  • Output shaft with square socket WAF 17 mm (F07 DIN ISO 5211)
  • Options:
    • Diameter 20 mm, with 8 mm diameter cross-hole
    • Diameter 20 mm with feather key
    • Other output shafts on request

Electrical connection

  • Connection terminals positioned centrally close to cable entry
  • Screw-type terminals
  • Two additional auxiliary position switches can be retrofitted


  • Open/close signal
  • Options:
    • Two additional potential-free switching contacts
    • Electronic position controller ESR-NL (integrated in the actuator)
    • Potentiometer 200Ω … 10 kΩ

Ambient temperature

  • -15 °C bis +60 °C
  • 0 °C to +60 °C when an electronic position controller ESR-NL is used
  • Options:
    • Up to +80 °C, duty cycle S3-50%
    • Down to -40 °C


Switches for series

Switches for series

  • Contact material: Silver
  • Max. switching capacity: 6 A, 250 V AC
  • Positive-break switches (optional)
  • Gold contacts for switching smallest loads (optional)


  • All switch contacts routed to terminals
  • Switching angles infinitely adjustable by means of cams
  • Retrofit switch sets available
  • Changeover contact (SPDT)

For actuators: N, NV, NE, K, KA, V


Electronic position controller ESR-NL

Electronic position controller ESR-NL

  • Industrial-standard multilayer PCB
  • EMC tested PCB layout
  • Control electronics internally fused
  • Triac output stage with RC snubber circuit for motor control
  • Integrated limit switches
  • 10 bit setpoint value input
  • 10 bit actual value output

For actuators: NL

Download Data sheet


WKN 1 angle bracket

WKN 1 angle bracket

This is designed for attaching actuators. It is possible to mount the actuator with 90° offset.

For actuators: NL, N1, N2, N3, N4

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AKN assembly bracket

AKN assembly bracket

This is used for attaching actuators to valves and dampers. It consists of a mounting plate with threaded bolts.

AKN1 offers an adjustable column clearance of between 50 – 120 mm.
AKN4/5 has a fixed column clearance of 120 mm.

For actuators: NL, N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, N6, NEx1, NEx2, NEx3, NEx4, NEx5, NEx6

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