Our Sales Team

Best service and professional customer care are an integral part of what we do. Our committed sales team will take care of you, answer your questions and find the right solution to fulfil your requirements.
Our staff members work in the field and in-house sales to ensure rapid solutions in an emergency as well as individual on-the-spot planning advice. For assistance in finding an answer to technical problems simply contact an expert member of staff on our emergency hotline at any time.
Do you wish to ask us any questions about our company or relate your experiences with Agromatic actuators?
Please call at any time, we look forward to hearing from you.

Our staff in sales

Wolfgang Kreuzbusch

Tel: +49 5202 9739-15
kreuzbusch [at] agromatic [dot] de

Ulrich Scholz

Tel: +49 5202 9739-20
scholz [at] agromatic [dot] de

Agromatic Sales Team

Thomas Zenker

Tel: +49 5202 9739-285
zenker [at] agromatic [dot] de

Agromatic electric actuators - Sales M.A.

Monika Albrink

Tel: +49 5202 9739-29
albrink [at] agromatic [dot] de

Agromatic electric actuators - Sales M.C.

Murat Ceylan

Tel: +49 5202 9739-284
ceylan [at] agromatic [dot] de

Our staff in customer service

Tel: +49 5202 9739-284
sales [at] agromatic [dot] de

Bernd Jäschke
Production/ Service

Norbert Hanisch
Production/ Service